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Cape malay koesisters
  Makes 40 to 45 koesisters700 g cake flour50 g ground cinnamon20 g ground ginger10 ml ground aniseed10 g instant yeast1
Copper Penny Salad3
Copper penny salad
Copper Penny Salad / Karen E Photography (p) “I have been served Copper Penny Sal­ad and I enjoyed it but this is the f
Spicy vegetarian pasta (gluten-free)6
Spicy vegetarian pasta (gluten-free)
My hubby has started growing chilli plants. I, in turn, have been trying to grow a tolerance for eating chillies so that
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Indian korma lamb shanks4
Indian korma lamb shanks
Print PDF  There’s nothing like an old-fashioned hotpot of rich meat and veg to add cosiness to winter evenings, 1 tbsp
Chilli Chicken8
Chilli chicken
This is a great week night meal, easy to prepare and healthy to eat. You can substitute chicken thighs and legs with chi
The Notorious Gatsby – Veganised…7
The notorious gatsby – veganised…
This is a gatsby and this is what wikipedia has to say about it: “A Gatsby is a South African sandwich very similar in
Dad’s favorite spicy chicken wings3
Dad’s favorite spicy chicken wings
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Green Bean Stew10
Green bean stew
by admin Green Bean Stew March 23, 2014 in Recipes by admin Winter is (not so) slowly approaching the Weste
Mozambican Peri-Peri Chicken Wings Recipe7
Mozambican peri-peri chicken wings recipe
Mozambican foods often combine Portuguese, African and Indian influences. Most locals refer to peri-peri as piri-piri an
Three Bean Salad in a Herby Dressing6
Three bean salad in a herby dressing
              Whenever I visit my parents, they stock up on all my favourite foods. From healthy fruits and nuts to way-
Quick Chicken Biryani14
Quick chicken biryani
The onions take longer to caramelize than this Biryani or Curried Pilaf takes to make. The reason why its more a pilaf t
Cape Malay Chicken Curry3
Cape malay chicken curry
I’ve always thought of Cape Malay food as being the ultimate manifestation of ‘cuisine by circumstance’. Finding thems
Fish Breyani1
Fish breyani
Fish Breyani 15/03/2015 in SEAFOOD | Tags: #capemalaycooking, Breyani, Cape Malay, cape malay cooking, Cape Malay Cook
Oven baked fish with lemon, dill and capers1
Oven baked fish with lemon, dill and capers
I am certain that I could survive on a seafood diet for the rest of my life. Fish, prawns, scallops, mussels, calamari,
Mutton breyani
Delicious!!! MUTTON BREYANI Serves 5-6 Meat preparation: 750g mutton, cut up, rinsed and drained ½ cup brown lentil
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